Carp Spirit UK

Founded originally in 2002 for the European carp scene, Carp Spirit has evolved and built on its own successes – now turning its attention to UK anglers. Today the brand is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about and fastest growing carp brands in the UK with their innovative products and exciting sub brands like Magnum, Inox, Razor Point, Arma-Skin and Blax. Quality, originality and detailed design are the foundations of the brand.

Carp Spirit UK are joining us for the second time and are coming back BIGGER AND BETTER with insane prizes for ALL our podium places!!

Our 2022 Champions will receive a Carp Spirit Blax Bivvy EACH
Our Runners Up will receive a Carp Spirit Blax Bed EACH
3rd place will receive Carp Spirit Hyrdo Bag & pouch EACH


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